What clients are saying


Sam, Bristol -

I have been training with Dec for the best part of a year now. After I had fallen out of a routine and lacked the confidence and enthusiasm to return to the gym solo, Dec was very encouraging and supportive and showed me how to improve self confidence. Each month he sets new routines and challenges without pushing me too far. He scales any exercise to my ability so that I never feel like I’ve failed – I can finally do press ups! Dec has tested me physically but also helped me develop mentally, offering coaching alongside the personal training and even suggesting relaxation/meditation techniques and stretches to do at home.

Craig, Bristol -

I’ve been playing sport for most of my life and never really needed to train too hard. As I reached the end of my rugby career I noticed my fitness levels wane and my motivation to rectify this was sadly lacking. I subsequently reached out to Dec a few years ago and have not looked back. I needed someone to tell me what to do, how to do it and when. Dec delivers clear, concise training, that is always varied, thus never dull. Dec listens to your fitness goals and aspirations then tailors an ever evolving plan accordingly. His detailed knowledge ensures you are fully aware of why you’re completing each exercise and the effect it has. Dec has an obvious passion for taking you on your fitness journey which is one of the many reasons I have trained with him for so long.  The results are obvious, I am significantly stronger, more toned and have an improved posture and am winning the battle against middle age!

Lucy, Bristol -

Dec is the best personal trainer Bristol has to offer! It’s not about gym gains, getting hench, working till I’m nearly sick. It’s all about the whole package - getting fit, feeling good, finding ways to boost self esteem and focusing on the important things in life.

I started training with Dec when life had dealt me some difficult cards, and he’s helped me to realise that I deserve to be happy and deserve to feel good about myself and deserve that god damn cheese burger if I bloody want it. He’s all about the balance and I’m forever grateful for the change he’s made in my life!